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Avaya IP500 Legacy Card Carrier Base Card (700417215)

Avaya IP500 Legacy Card Carrier Base Card (700417215)

The IP500 Legacy Card Carrier is used to migrate IP400 trunk interface cards and IP400 VCM modules to the Avaya IP500 control unit.

Certified Refurbished: $54.99
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Manufacturer: Avaya   |   SKU: 7400-120

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Avaya IP500 C110 Features

  • Integrates IP400 daughter boards - Allows various IP400 trunk and VCM cards to be used with the IP500 control unit (does not accept and IP500 daughter card)
  • Custom fit - The front of the card includes a number of panels that can be snapped off to match the ports when a trunk card is being fitted
  • Maximum - 2 per IP500 control unit


  • Compatible with: PRI T1, Dual PRI T1, PRI E1, Dual PRI E1, PRI E1R2, Dual PRI E1R2; Analog Trunk 4, BRI-8; VCM 4, 8, 16, 24, 30
  • Compatible with IP500/IP500 V2 Control unit when running IP Office 9.0 or lower in IP Standard Office mode, Essential Edition, Preferred Edition, or Advance Edition
  • Not compatible with IP Office 9.1 or higher
  • Not compatible when running in IP Office Quick Version, Partner Version, or Basic Edition

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Video Overview: Avaya IP500 Legacy Card Carrier

Video Overview: Avaya IP500 Legacy Card Carrier