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Remote Telecommuting
Repair Service & Technical Support
Repair Services
Repair: Avaya IP Phone
Repair: Avaya 5400 Series Digital Telephones
Repair: Avaya 655A Power Supply
Repair: Avaya Communication Manager
Repair: Avaya Digital Phone
Repair: Avaya IP Office
Repair: Avaya IP400 External Expansion Module
Repair: Avaya IP400 Trunk Card
Repair: Avaya IP400 Voice Compression Module (VCM)
Repair: Avaya IP500 Base Card
Repair: Avaya IP500 External Expansion Module
Repair: Avaya IP500 Trunk Card
Repair: Avaya IP500 V1 Control Unit
Repair: Avaya IP500 V2 Control Unit
Repair: Avaya Media Module
Repair: Avaya Partner ACS
Repair: Avaya Partner ACS Processor
Repair: Avaya Partner Telephone
Repair: Cisco 7900 Series IP Telephones
Repair: Merlin Magix Components and Telephones
Repair: Merlin Magix Expansion Module
Repair: Merlin Magix Processor (R1 - R4)
Repair: Merlin Messaging
Repair: Mitel IP Phone
Repair: Norstar CallPilot Voicemail
Repair: Norstar CICS and MICS
Repair: Norstar Digital Telephone
Repair: Norstar Fiber Expansion Cartridge
Repair: Norstar Fiber Expansion Module
Repair: Norstar Trunk Cartridge
Repair: Norstar/StarTalk Flash Voicemail
Repair: Nortel BCM Components and Telephones
Repair: Nortel BCM Media Bay Module
Repair: Nortel IP 2033 Conference Unit
Repair: Nortel IP Telephone
Repair: Partner ACS Expansion Module
Repair: Partner Messaging Module
Repair: Partner Voice Messaging PC Card
Repair: Polycom SoundStation
Repair: Polycom SoundStation 2
Repair: Polycom SoundStation 2W Wireless
Repair: Polycom SoundStation Conferencing
Repair: Polycom SoundStation Digital Units for Avaya
Repair: Polycom SoundStation Digital Units for Nortel
Repair: Polycom SoundStation IP
Repair: Polycom SoundStation IP Units for Avaya
Repair: Polycom SoundStation IP Units for Cisco

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