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Companies that do business in secondary markets provide a valuable service in conserving resources. From used cars to donated clothes and even used telecommunications equipment, products that can re-enter the supply chain decrease landfill waste and lessen the burden on raw materials and natural resources.
For over 20 years MetrolineDirect has been repairing, refurbishing, and remanufacturing used telecommunications and technology equipment into top quality products for re-use in business environments. The components of even a single phone can play an important role in the electronics life cycle.  Working phones can be refurbished, and defective phones can be repaired.  These units can then be used to fulfill demand for equipment on both current and legacy phone sytems.
Although our business model is inherently good for the environment, we donít stop there. We recycle virtually all surplus material that is processed in our facility including fibers like cardboard and paper, plastics used in manufacturing and packaging, and metals.  MetrolineDirect contracts local companies for bulk recycling pick ups and uses SOCCRA for any on-demand recycling needs.  Our front office personnel also employ a recycling program that includes office paper, plastics, cardboard, and metal.  By recycling our office paper, we saved 31 trees last year!

In 2005, we implemented our popular Green Box Project which re-uses packaging materials when shipping orders. This includes the bulk packing of products instead of individual boxing and the re-use of materials like boxes, bubble wrap, and sealed air bags. Over 60% of our customers now choose this option when their order is processed.


We continue to explore more efficient remanufacturing processes, better re-use of materials, and additional routes of recycling.  To date, our combined and continued efforts have decreased our waste pick-up by 50%.