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Norstar FastRAD 2 - Remote Access Device (NT8B80, A0767381)

Norstar FastRAD 2 - Remote Access Device (NT8B80, A0767381)

The FastRAD 2 is an integral part of local and remote administration and maintenance capabilities of Norstar. It is located on the customer premises and is the physical interface hardware connection.

Due to the age of these devices, the plastic housings may show some discoloring. This does not affect the function of the unit.

Certified Refurbished: $78.00
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Manufacturer: Nortel   |   SKU: 9650-045R

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FastRad 2 Features

  • Provides built-in modem (up to 14,400 bps) to provide a communications interface between the target Norstar system and the PC
  • Used for remote administration and programming PC applications such as Norstar Remote Utilities, the Companion Diagnostic System (CDS), and Companion Manager
  • Can also provide access to the proprietary Norstar D-channel information for the translation and processing of Norstar administration commands, and automatic detection and reporting of ICS alarm
  • Connection to the ICS using the FastRad can be performed either remotely through the public switched telephone network or locally through a direct terminal connection


  • Compatible with CICS any release, MICS any release, 3x8 DR5 or higher, Compact DR2/DR5/DR5-DS, Modular DR2 or higher