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Cisco SG250-10P-K9-NA 8-Port PoE+ Smart Switch

Cisco SG250-10P-K9-NA 8-Port PoE+ Smart Switch

Cisco SG250-10P-K9-NA 8-Port PoE+ Smart Switch
Cisco SG250-10P-K9-NA 8-Port PoE+ Smart Switch
Cisco SG250-10P-K9-NA 8-Port PoE+ Smart Switch
Cisco SG250-10P-K9-NA 8-Port PoE+ Smart Switch
The Cisco SG250-10MP is an 8-port PoE+ Gigabit smart switch. It features Gigabit or Ethernet uplinks, provides multiple management options, sophisticated security capabilities, fine-tuned Quality-of-Service (QoS) and Layer 3 static routing features far beyond those of an unmanaged or consumer-grade switch, at a lower cost than for fully managed switches. And with an easy-to-use web user interface, Smart Network Application, and Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) capability, you can deploy and configure on your network in minutes.

New: $234.99
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Manufacturer: Cisco   |   SKU: 8400-SG250-10P

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Cisco SG250-10MP Features

  • Power over Ethernet - 8 PoE+ ports of 10/100/100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. 2 Gigabit SFP combo ports. Supports PoE and PoE+. Max power 62W.
  • High Reliability and Resiliency - Supports dual images, allowing you to perform software upgrades without having to take the network offline or worry about the network going down during the upgrade.
  • Ease of Management and Deployment - Designed to be easy to use and managed by commercial customers or the partners with features like Cisco Smart Network Application (SNA), FindIT Network Manager and Probe, Cisco FindIT Network Discovery Utility, and Cisco Smartports intelligence
  • PoE powered device and PoE pass-through - Can work as PoE powered devices and draw power from upstream PoE switches in the wiring closet, simplifying the deployment in meeting rooms, classrooms, hotel rooms, and other flexible locations.
  • IP telephony support - Includes embedded QoS intelligence to prioritize delay-sensitive services such as voice and video.
  • Networkwide Automatic Voice Deployment - Automated voice VLAN capabilities let you plug any IP phone (including third-party phones) into your IP telephony network and receive an immediate dial tone. The switch automatically configures the device with the right VLAN and QoS parameters to prioritize voice traffic.
  • Layer 2 Switching and Layer 3 Static Routing
  • IPv6 Support - Supports previous-generation IPv4, allowing you to evolve to the new IPv6 standard at your own pace and helping ensure that your current network will continue to support your business applications in the future.
  • Optimal energy efficiency - Designed with a variety of power-saving features, providing the industry’s broadest portfolio of “green” switches.
  • Expansion ports - 2 x 10/100/1000 SFP combo expansion ports (RJ-45 + SFP).
  • Includes rack mount kit