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Bogen AT35A 35W Attenuator

Bogen AT35A 35W Attenuator

The Bogen AT35A attenuator allows the output level of a network of 25V or 70V speakers to be controlled from a wall-mounted volume control, without affecting overall amplifier volume settings.  The AT35A can handle speaker loads of up to 35W.  Volume reduction takes place in 3 dB increments except for the two lowest settings, which provide 6 dB reduction increments.  These rugged attenuators have 10 levels of sound control, plus an off setting.

New: $46.95
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Manufacturer: Bogen   |   SKU: 5238-AT35A

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Bogen AT35A Features

  • Adjusts loudspeaker output levels on 25V and 70V systems
  • Controls up to 35-watt speaker systems
  • 10 attenuation steps and an off setting
  • Attenuation in 3 dB increments except for two lowest settings, which provide 6 dB reduction increments
  • Mounts in standard double electrical box
  • Simple connections