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Avaya IP500 4-Port Expansion Card (700472889)

Avaya IP500 4-Port Expansion Card (700472889)

Please call for availability.

The IP500 4-Port Expansion Card expands the built-in 8 expansion ports on your Avaya IP500 control unit to a total of 12.

Avaya IP500 4-Port Expansion Features

  • 4 RJ-45 Expansion Ports - Provides 4 additional expansion ports for connection of external expansion modules. This card is used in large configurations where the first 8 expansion ports on the back of the IP500 control unit are in use.
  • Maximum - 1 per IP500 control unit Includes 4 two meter yellow cables for connection of the external expansion modules


  • Compatible with IP500 and IP500 V2 control unit