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VersaPlay 420 Internet Load On-Hold Messaging System

VersaPlay 420 Internet Load On-Hold Messaging System

The VersaPlay 420 is a digital music on-hold system that allows you to change your on-hold messages via email, direct to the player using your everyday email program.  There is no software necessary.  The unit comes fully programmed and configured.  Just plug the RCA audio cable into your phone system and the ethernet port to your data network (internet).

New: $379.00
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Pro Digital   |   SKU: OH-PDVP420

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VersaPlay 420 Features

  • Digital music on-hold player
  • Unit checks a secure email every 15 minutes to download new audio
  • Secure email address with security key included with every player
  • Great for companies with multiple locations
  • Scheduling feature allows you to schedule up to four special audio events months in advance
  • Volume can be adjusted by email or physically on the unit
  • Uses standard ports to check email and immediately closes ports; no surface for attack and corporate networks cannot be accessed
  • If required can also use DMZ ports
  • Static and DHCP (default) IP address assignment
  • 6 GB capacity
  • Plays MP3 files (64K to 256K)
  • Continuous message playback with auto start upon power up
  • Built-in speaker switch to check audio play
  • Output - 8 and 600 Ohm
  • 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Supports WiFi connection with wireless encryption (WPA, WPA2, WEP)


  • Versaplay 420 MOH player
  • RCA cord with 3.5 mm audio adapter
  • 7' Ethernet cable