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PD-USB40B Digital Music On Hold

PD-USB40B Digital Music On Hold

PD-USB40B Digital Music On Hold
The PD-USB40B is an easy to use digital music on hold system that utilizes standard USB flash drives for message transfer.  The PD-USB40B includes a built-in "Thank you for holding..." message that plays whenever the USB flash drive is removed - no more dead air when you're change your message.  With full MP3 support, customization is simple.  Just put your company's message on the flash drive, plug it in, and you're ready to go!

New: $127.99
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: ProDigital   |   SKU: OH-PDUSB40

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PD-USB40 Features

  • Automatic playback - Plays files on USB flash drive automatically when plugged into unit.  When USB drive is removed to change message, the PD-USB40 plays a built-in generic music on hold message.
  • Message media - Includes 128MB.  Compatible with up to 16 GB flash drive.
  • Recording bitrate - 8kbps to 256kbps; auto detected by player
  • Test speaker - Built-in test speaker with push on/off switch
  • LED indicator - Green light status LED signifies active playback
  • Dual audio outputs - 600 Ohm line level (plugs into your PBX music on hold jack);  8 Ohm 3 Watt


  • PD-USB40 digital message unit w/power supply
  • RCA cord with 3.5 mm audio adapter
  • 128MB USB flash drive

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PD-USB40B Installation Instructions (pdf)