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Symbol DS6708 Barcode Scanner (DS6708-SR20007ZZR)

The Symbol DS6708 is a 1D/2D Imager Scanner that combines the functionality of a bar code scanner, digital camera and document scanner in a single, cost-effective device. From point-and-shoot simplicity to accurate bar code scanning to capturing full-size documents, this device is the right tool for the job. Text enhancement technology makes the scanner able to handle even the finest-grain text. Omni-directional scanning and a wide working range means that even novice users can begin scanning with minimal training.
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Symbol DS6708 Features

  • Ample resolution - 1.3-megapixel camera handles images, bar codes, and documents.
  • Combined functionality - Supports for all major 1D, PDF, postal and 2D symbologies.
  • RSM (Remote Scanner Management) - Lowers IT expenses by enabling remote management from a central location.
  • Text enhancement technology - Ensures text legibility in scanned documents.
  • Rugged design - Withstands multiple drops, minimizing downtime.
  • Tempered glass exit window - Gives enhanced visibility.
  • Multiple on-board interfaces and universal cable - Ensures compatibility with future technology.
  • Omni-directional scanning, wide working range - Eliminates need to align item and scanner, cutting down on training time and cost.
  • Optional hands-free Intellistand - Enables presentation scanning and automatic switching between hands-free and handheld modes


  • Symbol DS6708 Barcode Imager
  • USB host interface cable

Symbol Intellistand Assembly for DS6xxx (20-66483-01)
Symbol Intellistand Assembly for DS6xxx (20-66483-01)

Symbol Intellistand Assembly for DS6xxx (20-66483-01)

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