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Switchvox Gold Subscription Renewal (5 User, 4 Year)


  • 4 year Gold subscription renewal for 5 users
  • Includes software upgrades, software updates, unlimited email support, and unlimited phone support during business hours

Which extensions require a subscription?

Switchvox user subscriptions are required when adding the following types of extensions:
  • SIP Phone or SIP Adapter for Analog Phone (ATA) - Any SIP phones, like Polycom SoundPoint phones or a SIP softphone. Also includes Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs).
  • Analog Phone - This extension type is for regular analog telephones that are physically plugged into the PBX via an FXS port.
  • Virtual Extension - Virtual Extensions are extensions for users without a phone. They can be used for voicemail boxes or extensions with coverage rules.

Subscription level comparison

Type Upgrades and Updates Unlimited email support Unlimited phone support during business hours 5 incidents phone support outside of business hours
Silver Yes Yes No No
Gold Yes Yes Yes No
Platinum Yes Yes Yes Yes

Switchvox Gold Subscription RENEWAL
(5 User, 4 Year)

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