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Partner Plus Release 3.1 Processor

Like New: $129.00


  • Maximum line capacity: 12 (configuration dependent)
  • Maximum station capacity: 24 (configuration dependent)
  • Compatible with both the Partner MLS Series and Partner Eurostyle telephones
  • Programmable buttons on system phones provide one-touch access to system features
  • Intuitive operation of basic call handling capabilities including transfer, conference, and hold
  • Intercom (inside) calling to other system extensions using an Intercom button and the two-digit number assigned to the extension
  • Grouping of extensions for flexibility in directing and answering calls
  • Integrated voice messaging support with the Partner Mail VS or Partner Messaging System
  • Flexible dialing restrictions and permissions so you can control telephone activity and phone bills
  • Easy-to-use programming procedures, making it simple for you to manage your system and telephones
  • Direct connections for industry-standard devices—including most standard phones, fax machines, answering machines, modems, and credit card scanners
  • Optional equipment support, including door phones, loudspeaker paging systems, music on hold, call reporting (often referred to as Station Message Detail Recording or SMDR) devices, and extra alerts
  • Voice Messaging System (VMS) features for support of Partner Mail VS and Partner Messaging System (Group Call Distribution, VMS Hunt Schedule, VMS Hunt Delay, VMS Cover, etc.)
  • Emergency Telephone extension allows a user to lift a designated extension that automatically dials a predefined number
  • Wake Up Service button allows users in the hospitality industry to schedule wake up service calls to specified extensions

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