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Partner ACS Remote Administration Software

Partner ACS Remote Administration gives you the ability to manage a Partner ACS Release 3.0 or higher from your PC.

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Software Features

  • Program the system (for example, assign outside lines)
  • Program extensions (for example, program an autodial button on any extension)
  • Back up and restore these and many other settings
  • View the type of modules installed on the Partner ACS system
  • Retrieve reports on system events such as errors and reboots
  • Identify the current version of your software
  • Identify the PCMCIA cards installed in the Partner ACS module
  • View manual and automatic translation backup information that is stored in internal memory of the processor module (Release 7.0 only)
  • All these features are accessed through a graphical interface that is easy to learn and use. And though the name says “Remote,” you can also use it to manage a Partner system locally. You can even choose to work offline and activate your changes when it’s convenient.


  • Compatible with Partner ACS Release 3.0 or higher
  • Requires Partner ACS Remote Access Backup/Restore Card