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Norstar SMDR6 (NT8B95AAAE)

The Norstar SMDR6 serves as an interface that lets the user track basic call detail information by: all calls, outgoing calls only, calls with an account code, or by long distance calls. Connected to any station port, it provides basic reports in Norstar or Meridian 1 format. The unit is the interface to import call detail information into Norstar PC Applications software.
Due to the age of these devices, the plastic housings may show some yellowing. This does not affect the function of the unit.
Like New: $325.00
This product is eligible for 2 Year Platinum Protection!

The SMDR6 provides information about:

  • Date and time of the call, and digits dialed
  • The originating and the terminating line or station set
  • Whether an incoming call was answered
  • Elapsed time between origin of a call and when it was answered
  • Whether a call was transferred or put on hold
  • Call duration
  • Calls associated with Account codes
  • Incoming call Calling Line Identification (CLID) information
  • Bearer Capability of the line in the call
  • Hospitality records for room occupancy status
  • Real Time records for ringing, DNIS, answered, unanswered,
  • Transferred, and released events for incoming calls


  • Compatible with CICS any release, MICS any release, 3x8 DR5 or higher, Compact DR2/DR5/DR5-DS, Modular DR2 or higher

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