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Norstar MICS XC 6.1 Software Card (NT7B66CB)

Like New: $169.00
This product is eligible for 2 Year Platinum Protection!

Features and hardware added to version XC 6.1

  • Spare/replacement software card for your Norstar MICS 6.1 XC system
  • XC version allows increases modular expandability from 6 to 10-ports
  • T24 Key Indicator Module (KIM) and T7316E Business Series Terminal. These two pieces of hardware are designed to replace the M7324/CAP module setup
  • Destination code enhancements - 12-digit destination codes, multiple least-cost routingSilent monitor for hunt groups
  • CLID display enhancements - Display an incoming call CLID on a telephone where a call is currently active
  • Overlap dialing over PRI

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