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Norstar CICS Cabinet (0x16)

NOTE: Like New CICS 0x16 Cabinets do not include blank covers for universal trunk slots or door cover over amphenol connectors. This does not affect function of system.
Like New: $199.00


  • Provides two 50-pin amphenol connections used to interface CO trunks, stations, internal ATA and RAD connections. Also used to connect external devices such as music-on-hold source, paging and auxiliary ringers.
  • The Internal Analog Terminal Adapter (I-ATA) provides one connections for a modem, fax machine, or analog telephone.
  • Provides emergency line transfer connection in event of power failure
  • Initial configuration allows for up to 16 TCM ports compatible with Norstar M7000 and T7000 series telephones (can be expanded to 24)
  • Provides two universal slots for expansion cartridges
  • Universal power supply

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