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ITW Linx MDS2 Digital Station Set Surge Protector

New: $67.99

MDS2 Features

  • Protects one 8-wire (4-pairs, e.g. Avaya ATL) using RJ-45 connectors with Jack 1
  • Or protects two 4-wire (2-pairs e.g. Avaya MLX) using RJ-11/45 connectors using Jacks 1 and 2 (pins 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Application - Protection for digital stations
  • Auto Resetting Technology - PTC resistors open when a surge occurs and close when the surge passes
  • Expandable System Protection - SurgeGate series base units and modules can be attached to expand system protection as your system grows
  • Approved for Avaya part nos. 146E and 407568161

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