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Avaya IP500 Universal PRI 1 Card (700417439)

The Avaya IP500 Universal PRI 1 provides a single T1/PRI trunk port on your Avaya IP Office system.
Certified Refurbished: $116.88
New: $308.88
Includes 8 channels.  If you are adding more T1 channels, then please choose the correct IP Office Release (9.x or 10.x) below.
Channels for IPO 9.x
Channels for IPO 10.x
This product is eligible for 2 Year Platinum Protection!

Avaya IP500 Universal PRI 1 Features

  • Daughter board that installs on IP500 base card
  • Ports/Channels - 1 PRI trunk port. Connections via port 9 of the host IP500 base card.
  • Supports the following PRI modes:
    • T1 robbed bit (24B channels per port) T1 PRI (23B+D channels per port)
    • E1 PRI (30B+D channels per port)
    • E1R2 PRI (30B channels per port)
  • Initially supports 8 unlicensed B-channels
  • Additional channels are activated by IP500 Universal PRI licenses
  • Maximum - 4 per IP500 control unit


  • Compatible with Avaya IP500 Digital Station 8, IP500 Combination ATM, IP500 VCM 32/64, IP500 Analog Phone 2/8
  • Compatible with IP Office R4.1 or higher