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Jabra Wired Headset Compatibility Tables
Jabra Wired Headsets for Office Desk Phones
Jabra Wireless Headsets
KIRK 40- Wireless Handset Series
KIRK 50-Wireless Handsets
KIRK 60-Wireless Handsets
KIRK Wireless
Konftel 100 Accessories
Konftel 250 and 300 Accessories
Konftel 250 Conference Phone (910101065)
Konftel 250 Conference Phone (910101065)
Konftel 300 Conference Phone (910101059, 840101059)
Konftel 300IP SIP Conference Phone (910101063)
Konftel 300W Wireless Conference Phone (840101067)
Konftel 300W, 300Wx Battery (900102095)
Konftel 300Wx Wireless Conference Phone (840101077)
Konftel 50 Accessories
Konftel 50 USB Adapter (900102058)
Konftel AC Adapter 14V DC (900102125)
Konftel Accessories
Konftel Conferencing Units
Konftel Ego Personal Speakerphone (910101081)
Konftel Expansion Microphones (900102113)
Konftel Power Connection Cable (900103401)
Konftel Security Cable for Konftel 250/300 (900103384)
Konftel Security Cable for Konftel 50/100 (900102061)
Konftel Wall Mounting Bracket for Konftel 250/300 (900102084)
Konftel Wall Mounting Bracket for Konftel 50/100 (900102089)
Large Desk/Wall Mount Kit for 4412D+, 4424D+, 4612, and 4624 Phones
Legend Direct Station Selector
Legend MLX - 10 Telephone
Legend MLX - 10D Telephone
Legend MLX - 10DP Telephone
Legend MLX - 16DP Telephone
Legend MLX - 20L Telephone
Legend MLX - 28D Telephone
Legend MLX - 5 Telephone
Legend MLX - 5D Telephone
Legend Multi - Function Module
Legend PCMCIA Flash Card (2 MB)
Linksys SPA900 Series IP Telephones
Linksys SPA921 1-Line IP Phone
Linksys SPA922 1-Line IP Phone
Linksys SPA932 32-Button Attendant Console
Linksys SPA941 4-Line IP Phone
Linksys SPA942 4-Line IP Phone
Linksys SPA962 6-Line IP Phone
Low Profile Bracket for 4-Port A4 Analog Cards (3244-00052)
M214C Headset for Avaya 3810/3910/3920 Wireless Telephones

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