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8 Pin Telephone Line Cord 14 Ft.(5/pk.)
8100/8400 Series Handset
8400 Series Telephones
8403 Telephone
8405D Plus Display Telephone
8410B Telephone
8411D Display Telephone
8434DX Display Telephone
9500 Series Handset
9600 IP Series Telephone Headset Packages
9600 Series Handset
Add analog conferencing to your digital telephone system!
Konexx Konference Adapter

Avaya Partner 18 Telephone White

A10-16 Quick Disconnect Headset Cord
Aastra 30i Series IP Phones
Aastra 33i IP Phone
Aastra 35i IP Phone (9480i)
Aastra 480i CT IP Phone with Cordless Handset
Aastra 480i IP Phone
Aastra 48V Power Supply (D0023-1051-00-75)
Aastra 50i Series IP Phones
Aastra 51i IP Telephone (A1751-0131-10-01)
Aastra 53i IP Telephone (A1753-0131-10-05)
Aastra 55i IP Telephone (A1755-0131-10-05)
Aastra 57i IP Telephone (A1757-0131-10-05)
Aastra 6730i IP Phone (A6730-0131-10-01)
Aastra 6730i Series IP Phones
Aastra 6731i IP Phone (A6731-0131-10-01)
Aastra 6735i IP Phone (A6735-0131-10-01)
Aastra 6737i IP Phone (A6737-0131-10-01)
Aastra 6739i IP Phone (A6739-0131-10-01)
Aastra 6750i Series IP Phones
Aastra 6753i IP Phone (53i)
Aastra 6755i IP Phone (55i)
Aastra 6757i IP Phone (A1757-0131-10-01)
Aastra 6860i Series IP Phones
Aastra 6863i IP Phone (80C00005AAA-A)
Aastra 6865i IP Phone (80C00001AAA-A)
Aastra 9000i Series IP Phones
Aastra 9133i IP Phone (A1720-0131-10-05)
Aastra 9143i (33i) IP Phone (A1733-0131-10-05)
Aastra 9480i (35i) IP Phone (A1735-0131-10-05)
Aastra IP Telephones
Aastra M670i Expansion Module (536M)
Aastra M675i Expansion Module (560M)
Aastra M680i Expansion Module (80C00010AAA-A)
Aastra M685i Expansion Module (80C00007AAA-A)
Aastra/Mitel 6867i IP Phone (80C00002AAA-A)
Aastra/Mitel 6869i IP Phone (80C00003AAA-A)

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