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Digium VPMOCT128 Echo Cancellation Module

The Digium VPMOCT128 hardware echo cancellation module  removes the burden of echo cancellation from the PC CPU.

Digium VPMOCT128 Features

  • Octasic DSP-based echo cancellation module
  • Up to 128 Channels
  • Provides the same AT&T certified toll-quality G.168 compliant echo cancellation found in Digium's HPEC software based echo cancellation
  • Module is immune to system CPU spikes that might otherwise affect a software-based solution
  • Supports 128ms of echo cancellation across all of its channels


  • Compatible with TE405P, TE410P, and TE420

Buy with Confidence. Your order also includes:

  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty (Digium)

Digium VPMOCT128 Echo Cancellation Module
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