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Bogen MVP130BG VoIP Gateway for Paging

The Bogen MVP130BG is a single port VoIP gateway that allows paging communications to be sent over the Internet or Intranet.  FXS pass through expands the paging capabilities of Bogen’s PCM zone paging system by providing a continuous connection between buildings using a Local-Area or Wide-Area Network (LAN/WAN).  The MVP connects directly to Bogen paging systems and equipment to provide overhead paging to all locations within a facility or across a campus without running new lines.  It is easily managed locally using a Windows based software application or remotely with a web browser or SNMP.
New: $459.00

Bogen MVP130BG Features

  • Single-port VoIP gateway for paging
  • Ethernet connectivity and full IP compatibility with existing routers and WAN infrastructure
  • Overhead voice paging to multiple locations within a facility, nearby or branch office buildings, or to remote locations
  • Single- or multi-zone paging at any or all locations when used with Bogen’s Multi-Zone telephone paging interface (UTI312)
  • Efficiently communicate company-wide emergency alerts or general announcements
  • FXS/FXO connector on each port for direct connection to Bogen’s telephone paging interfaces
  • Configuration and management using a Web browser or Microsoft Windows
  • Utilizes the H.323 or SIP protocols to provide complete interoperability with other Internet telephony solution
  • Connects directly to telephone or PBX
  • Single Port Protocol (SPP) allows the use of dynamic IP addresses
  • Voice compression to 5.3K bps per call with support for multiple algorithms, including ITU G.723 and G.729
  • Minimum requirements: Ethernet network, WAN connection, IP addresses
  • Supports H.450 supplementary services to provide for call transfer, call forwarding, call hold, call waiting and name identification
  • T.38 real-time fax relay for interoperability among other VoIP equipment
  • PSTN fail-over automatically routes calls over the PSTN network if the IP network is down