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BCM50 MCDN (Global) and Q.Sig (outside North America) Voice Networking Authorization Code (NTKC0217)

This Authorization Code requires activation for use. You can choose to have the Authorization Code activated by your Nortel BCM dealer or purchase the activation along with the Authorization Code ($60 activation fee. See option below).

New: $373.00
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  • Authorization code for MCDN (or Q.sig) on your BCM 50 system
  • When you connect your BCM systems through PRI SL-1 or VOIP trunks and activate the MCDN protocol, your network provides a number of network call features
  • MCDN (Meridian Customer Defined Network) protocol offers enhanced trunking features and end-to-end user identification
  • If a Meridian 1 is part of the MCDN network, the network can also provide centralized voice mail and auto attendant off the Meridian