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Axtel PRO Headset Package for Avaya Digital and IP Phones

The Axtel PRO Headset Package connects directly to your Avaya digital or IP phone.  Customize by choosing monaural (over one ear) or binaural (over both ears) models.  For added noise isolation choose the PRO XL model which features a larger speaker and earplate that covers the entire ear.
Package includes your choice of the Axtel PRO Mono, Axtel PRO Duo, Axtel PRO Mono XL, or Axtel PRO Duo XL headset and the corresponding headset interface cord to connect to your Avaya digital or IP telephone.
New: $62.99
Headset Model
Phone Model


  • Comfortable monaural (one ear) or binaural (two ears) design
  • Wideband audio technology
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Flexible microphone boom guarantees proper microphone positioning
  • Superior construction - Steel plated microphone bracket, reinforced metal alloy headband; perfect for use in typical office environments or even contact centers that operate that operate 365 days a year
  • PRO XL option features enlarged 'XL' speakers and earplates that cover the entire ear to help eliminate noises in larger rooms

Adds one-touch headset operation to these models:

  • 1408, 1416
  • 1608, 1608-I, 1616, 1616-I
  • 2410, 2420
  • 302D
  • 4610SW, 4620, 4620SW, 4621SW, 4625SW, 4630, 4630SW
  • 5410, 5420
  • 5610SW, 5620SW, 5621SW
  • 6416D+M, 6424D+M
  • 9404, 9408
  • 9504, 9508
  • 9608, 9610, 9611G, 9620, 9620L, 9620C, 9621G, 9630, 9630G, 9640, 9640G, 9641G, 9650, 9650C, 9670G

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