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Avaya Universal Door Phone Controller and Speaker

The Avaya Universal Door Phone Controller and Speaker system offers convenience and security for your business phone system.  Depending on the needs of the environment, doorphones may allow internal users to not only speak with someone who is outside, but also to easily allow the visitor entrance to the facility or residence.

Avaya Universal Door Phone Controller and Speaker Features

  • System consists of a controller and a speaker.
  • The speaker is mounted securely on the wall and is connected to the controller, which normally resides in the equipment room. The controller is connected to a trunk port.
  • Users with the trunk appearance will be notified when a visitor has pressed the Push button located on the weatherproof speaker.
  • Each controller supports two speakers, for example Front Door and Back Door.
  • Provides two Touch Tone controlled N.O. and N.C. dry contact closures for door strikes or gate openers
  • Custom ringing mode distinguishes doorphone calls from external calls.
  • Call waiting tones indicate which doorphone is calling and distinguish a doorphone call from an external line call.
  • Calls can be placed on hold when visitors call from the doorphone.
  • Commercial or residential security is provided via two-way hands-free communication from a door or gate.
  • Built-in talk battery for no C.O. applications


  • Avaya Universal Door Phone Controller with power supply (408466563, LUUDC)
  • Door Phone Speaker (408466548, LUUDS)

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