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Avaya 4424LD+ 24-Button Digital Telephone - White (108429598)

The Avaya 4424LD+ is a large display console with 24 programmable line and feature buttons.  It is a perfect choice for operator positions, receptionists, and executives.
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Avaya 4424LD+ Features

  • 7-line x 24-character Vacuum Flourescent Display (VFD)
  • 24 programmable line/feature buttons
  • Provides access to administrator programming menus via soft keys
  • Dedicated headset jack
  • Displays Caller ID and internal extension information
  • Provides such features as hold, transfer, conference, redial, and mute
  • Built-in 2-way speakerphone


  • The Avaya 4424LD+ Telephone is compatible with Merlin Magix and Avaya IP Office systems.
  • It requires a station port on a 412 TDL, 024 TDL, IP403, IP406, IP406V2, IP400 DS16, or IP400 DS30.

4424LD+ Telephone Labels (10 labels)4424LD+ Telephone Labels (10 labels)
4424LD+ Telephone Labels (10 labels)
4424LD+ Plastic Overlays (5/pk.)4424LD+ Plastic Overlays (5/pk.)
4424LD+ Plastic Overlays (5/pk.)

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